Virtuhol (3D Virtual Hologram)

The perfect tool to capture your audience’s attention!

Virtuhol (3D Virtual Hologram)

Virtuhol, the perfect solution to standout when promoting your products. This new and innovative visual technology, has created a way to present your product effectively while catching audience’s attention. From a logo rotating to a sophisticated video showing parts of your product, and giving all type of details, a 3D Holographic Experience is one of the most catching ways to attract the audience. From a 90° with One Sided for Marketing Campaigns, to a three or four sided view 360° for an outstanding place, we can give you the perfect experience of Hologram Device to create the WOW factor among your audience.

The 3D Hologram Display Projector uses well-placed optics to create the eye-catching holographic effect.  3D Hologram videos are key when using this display showcase. Below are images of our Holograms at a recent event.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

Banking & Finance

Food & Drink

Hotel & Travel


Internal Communications


Car Show Rooms

Info Terminal


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    Keith Mullen
    Keith Mullen Mullens Takeaway - Proprietor