Free Standing Digital Displays

Screen sizes available from (43 inches upto 65 inches),
larger sizes are available on request.




wifi enabled


lan enabled

multi -screen


always on

24/7 usage


IPS Panel


IPS Panel




landscape or portrait

eco friendly

power timer

rss feed

text scroller

lifetime license

cloud management

Update content from anywhere

Manage playlists, and schedule content—all from any internet-connected device. No special software or PC needed. Our screens can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Synchronise your Content

You can easily sync your Digital Menu Boards across several screens, as long as they're connected to the same network. This feature is particularly useful for menus displayed above the counter.

Free Management Software

All of our screens come with a lifetime license to manage all the content. You can create time conditional menu items, you can do so much more.

Free Standing Displays

Present, advertise and interact with freestanding digital signage with LCD Showcase.

Cut printing cost and sitcking static posters and paper around an event, with little to no actually benefit. Free standing digital screens are eye catching bright screens that can show off all important information. Have multiple designs and info show up at certain times & screens with our scheduler.

Update content on your screens instantly from any remote location using our software.

You can update your screen content and check connection status from any remote location using a computer.

High brightness displays are built to run 24/7 and can be seen in any light conditions. This makes them more suitable than traditional TV screens.

Our software is easy-to-use so you can start to update your content as soon as you have your solution. Training is also provided so you can hit the ground running.

Simply plug in, turn on and our screens will start to run its playlist designed just for that screen.

Digital signage allows you to react to your audience, save time and money on printing and it can give you full flexibility across one or multiple sites.

The perfect tool for In-Store Promotions, Trade Shows, Fairs, Weddings, Functions & more...

Offering a interactive element that will stand out from the rest. One of our most popular rental screens to display all your content and adverts in the one place for your audience. 

Contact Scheduling

Animated advertisements to stand out from the crowd with stunning bright display, These screens can also be interactive to help display information freeing up staff!

Full Control

Control all your content on the screens across multiple sites from one central location. Change details and content in real time.

Rent A Screen

Need to stand out in a upcoming show? You can rent one of our eye catching screens today, take full advantage of your target audience. 

Our Digital Menu Screens are Perfect for Cafés, Takeaways, Restaurants

In today's fast-paced world, businesses in the food and beverage industry—be it restaurants, cafes, or takeaways—need to constantly innovate to attract and retain customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is by leveraging digital menu boards, a game-changing technology that can significantly boost your sales and improve customer engagement. Here's how:

24/7 Commercial Grade IPS Panel

Featuring a commercial-grade IPS panel with a 450cd/m² brightness—double that of standard home TVs—this Digital Menu Board delivers and sustains incredibly vivid, lifelike images even under challenging lighting conditions. Designed for longevity, the screen boasts a lifespan of over 70,000 hours and can operate 24/7 without any degradation in image quality. Additionally, the absence of external buttons or controls minimizes the risk of tampering.

No Internet? Plug & Play

In the absence of internet access, you can still update the screen using the backup USB update feature. Just load your playlist onto a USB drive and plug it into the screen. Your templates, schedule, and content will automatically transfer and begin playing. Additionally, our software automatically syncs playlists as soon as your device goes offline, ensuring that you're covered under any circumstances.

Narrow Bezel

Thin Frame The Digital Menu Boards feature a thin frame, enabling your menu to be the focal point. When multiple boards are aligned next to each other, the slim edges create an almost seamless display, enhancing image accuracy.

Narrow Bezel

Thin Frame The Digital Menu Boards feature a thin frame, enabling your menu to be the focal point. When multiple boards are aligned next to each other, the slim edges create an almost seamless display, enhancing image accuracy.

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