Essential for Restaurants and the fast food Industry

Interactive Ordering Kiosk

With more orders coming in through the kiosks, you can reduce labour costs by up to 40% and allow staff to focus on what truly matters – making great food and offering a great human-led customer experience. 


Ordering Kiosks

Our self-serve kiosks are the ideal solution for QSRs, coffee shops and cafes looking to make the ordering experience quick, simple and hassle free for their customers.

Can be integrated with existing systems so orders can be sent direct.

You can update your screen content and check connection status from any remote location using a computer.

High brightness displays are built to run 24/7 and can be seen in any light conditions. This makes them more suitable than traditional TV screens.

Our software is easy-to-use so you can start to update your content as soon as you have your solution. Training is also provided so you can hit the ground running.

A study has shown that 63% of customers find it easier to browse the menu on a kiosk.

Its so fast cuts ques, its no wonder 84% of young people prefer kiosks than face-to-face ordering.

Powerful Control Management

Allow your customer to order fast with ordering kiosks rather than wait in a que or worse leave your shop because of a long wait. Update systems with new special offers or meals and sync them to specific locations.

Touch Screen Tech

with easy to navigate menus on your kiosk systems customers will have there own time to decide what they want, its believed when people don’t feel rush by a que they tend to over order!


Full Control

Control all your content on screens across multiple sites from one central location.

Linked system

Have any new ordering come threw on your system to your ordering and preparation area instantly increasing workflow and orders. 

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