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Revolutionizing Racecourse Viewing with State-of-the-Art Video Wall and Multi-Screen Setup


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Project Overview

Initiated in January 2018, this project significantly uplifted the visual experience at the racecourse with the installation of a stunning 3 x 3 video wall and multiple wall-mounted screens, including 49” and 75” displays. This initiative has transformed the way content is viewed and interacted with at the venue.

Impact and Continuity: Since its implementation in January 2018, this project has consistently delivered an immersive viewing experience for racecourse attendees. By integrating cutting-edge technology and user-friendly systems, we have set a new standard for digital displays in sports and entertainment venues.

Advanced Display Technology:

  1. Ultra-High Definition: All screens boast a 4K resolution, offering crystal-clear visuals that bring every detail to life, enhancing the viewer’s experience.
  2. Network Integration: Each screen is networked for seamless control and content management via a locally hosted CMS, ensuring ease of content updates and system management.
  3. Flexible Content Distribution: A High Definition IP distribution system is in place. This allows the user to display any channel on any screen using an app or PC, offering unparalleled flexibility in content sharing and management.
  4. Live Feed Capability: The system is designed to showcase numerous live feeds from around the race track on any screen, ensuring real-time broadcasting and enhancing viewer engagement.
  5. Advanced Advertising System: The installation includes a high-definition advertising system, enabling crisp and engaging advertising displays, thereby opening new avenues for revenue.

User-Friendly and Supported

Comprehensive end-user training ensures that the staff can easily manage and maximize the use of these advanced systems. Furthermore, our commitment to quality is backed by a long-term maintenance and warranty package, guaranteeing the longevity and performance of the installations.

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