Video Walls
Build an incredible brand impression Showcase your product in a unique and creative way
Free Standing Interactive Touch Screens
Wall Mounted Digital Screens
No more static posters

- Interact
- Animate
- Upsell
- Custom Design
& Much More

Free Standing Digital Screens
Greet, inform and direct pedestrians in a wide range of applications

Interested in becoming a Trade customer or Reseller?



We are pleased to see that you are interested in our products and are considering the possibility of becoming a reseller. Whether that means actively stocking our products or simply including reference to them through your shop or web site, we have a number of options. Digital Screen Displays is very well recognised within the Irish market.

We have worked very hard to develop our business and particularly the Digital Screen Displays brand, and would like to continue to do so. Our trade and reseller options provide a fantastic opportunity to become part of that.

The Digital Signage business is expanding at a rapid rate and you could be part of it.


For more information, on how to join our rapidly growing business, please contact us at our office in Dundalk.